Emergency Dentistry – Houston, TX

When You Need Urgent Dental Care

Woman in need of emergency dentistry holding ice pack to face

Dental emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye, causing panic, inconvenience, and discomfort at an extreme level. If you or a loved one is experiencing a situation like this, don’t wait – contact Tamborello Dental Associates right away! Our dedicated hotline will take your call, and Dr. Donald Tamborello, Dr. Boone, and Dr. Devlin will do everything in their power to provide relief on the same day as the initial contact, even on weekends, by offering emergency dentistry in Houston, TX dental office.

Why Choose Tamborello Dental Associates for Emergency Dentistry?

  • Advanced Diagnostic Technology
  • Full Menu of Dental Services
  • Three Dentists Trained in Various Fields

Common Dental Emergencies

Man in need of emergency dentistry holding cheek in pain

The term “dental emergency” can mean different things for different people. Most of the time, they fall under two categories: the result of an accident, or the consequence of poor oral hygiene and untreated decay. No matter what kind of emergency you’re experiencing, you should call us immediately to set up an appointment; our team can also provide helpful advice for managing the situation on your own. The following tips will help you get a handle on the most common types of dental emergencies.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Closeup of smile with knocked out tooth

Do you still have the tooth? Rinse off the crown carefully to remove any debris while taking care to leave the root and natural tissue intact. Then, place the tooth back into its original position within your smile and hold it in place. If this isn’t possible, hold the tooth in your cheek or place it in a cup of milk. Time is of the essence in the situation, so proceed to our dental office as soon as possible. There, we can determine whether reattachment is a possible option.

Knocked-Out Dental Crown

Closeup of smile with broken teeth exposed by knocked out dental crowns

Apply a small dab of toothpaste or some dental adhesive to the crown and then gently place it back onto the appropriate tooth. This should work as a temporary solution until our Houston doctors can professionally reattach it.

Chipped/ Broken Tooth

Smile with chipped front tooth

Even if the tooth doesn’t hurt, it should be examined soon to determine whether it puts you at risk for infection. Apply a cold compress to the area in 20-minute intervals if there’s any swelling or discomfort. A jagged tooth might cut the inside of your mouth, so put a piece of dental wax or sugarless gum over it.

Painful Toothache

Closeup of person with painful toothache holding cheek

Patients should rinse and floss thoroughly to dislodge any food or any other stuck item that could be causing the problem. If the discomfort persists, contact us right away for assistance.

If you’re experiencing heavy oral bleeding that isn’t letting up or a badly injured jaw, please proceed to your nearest emergency room. After you’ve healed from the injury, our team can work with you to restore any damaged or lost teeth in a durable and lifelike way.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Woman smiling during dental checkup to prevent dental emergencies

Prevention is always the best option for dealing with a dental emergency; after all, you don’t have to treat dental injuries that never occur. Brushing and flossing daily will keep your teeth clean and make them more resistant to cavity-causing bacteria. You should also never use your teeth to open packages and jars, as this can cause the enamel to wear down or crack. A sportsguard should always be worn if you play contact sports (or participate in any physical activity where you might get hit in the mouth).

Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

The more complex a dental emergency is, the more likely it is to require a costly treatment. It’s in your best interest to have any potential emergencies treated as soon as possible; delaying care will only make the problem worse and could end up increasing the overall cost. When we examine your smile, we will figure out the ideal treatment, explain why you need it, and go over the associated costs. We can then discuss using dental insurance or financing to help pay for the recommended procedure.

Root Canal Therapy

Man in need of root canal therapy holding cheek in pain

Do you have a tooth that’s so decayed neither fillings nor crowns can restore it? There’s still hope – root canal therapy could be the solution that helps you maintain your wholly natural smile. This procedure will involve our Houston team accessing the inner chamber of your tooth, cleaning away bacteria, and replacing it with a safe, biocompatible substance. After sealing the tooth shut to prevent further infection, a dental crown placed on top will replenish its strong, functional shape.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Woman relaxed during wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to show up in your permanent smile, and this tardy arrival can lead to a host of problems in many patients. They may become impacted, overcrowd your existing teeth, or lead to higher chances of infection. Our team will often recommend a safe removal procedure to avoid these concerns and protect your wellbeing.