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What to Expect at Your First Appointment After Your Dentist Reopens

May 27, 2020

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man smiling at dentist in Montrose

From going grocery shopping to connecting with loved ones, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually everything about our lives. That includes how appointments with your dentist in Montrose will proceed. For the past couple of months, most dentists have only been seeing emergency patients on an as-needed basis. However, many of them have recently started opening up for regular procedures like fillings and cleanings. Keep reading to learn what you can expect before, during, and after your appointment these days.


How Your Dentist Keeps Their Office Clean During COVID-19

May 2, 2020

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dentist in Houston washing their hands

With the threat of the coronavirus looming on the horizon for nearly everyone, people everywhere are taking extreme measures to clean their environment. Your dentist in Houston is no exception. Simply spraying their tools with store-bought disinfectant, unfortunately, isn’t enough to kill the germs that cause COVID-19. There are several steps that dentists take to prevent germs from taking hold. Keep reading to learn what some of those steps are.


How Often Should You Replace Your Toothbrush?

April 16, 2020

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Woman with questions for Montrose dentist surrounded by question marksWhen was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? Even though we use them to clean our smiles twice a day, many of us don’t realize when our toothbrushes begin to lose their effectiveness. However, recent studies have discovered that using a toothbrush past its prime can make your mouth unhealthier. Your Montrose dentist explains when you should be using a new toothbrush and what can happen to your oral health if you don’t.


10 Signs That You’re Headed for a Dental Emergency

April 2, 2020

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Pained man with hand on cheek at his Montrose emergency dentist Do you know how to identify a dental emergency? It’s common knowledge that a cracked or knocked-out permanent tooth should be treated by a dentist right away. However, there are other signs to be on the look out for that indicate you are headed for a dental emergency. Here are 10 symptoms that mean you need to see your Montrose emergency dentist for urgent care to save your smile.


Do Your Gums Bleed When Flossing?

March 18, 2020

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Woman flossing her teeth at dentist in Montrose.If you’re like many people, you might think bleeding gums are normal. While you might attribute blood-tinged floss to aggressive flossing, there’s often a more serious issue at hand. While pushing too hard can make your gums bleed, it’s often the result of a preventable infection call periodontal disease. Although your bleeding gums might seem minor, if you don’t treat the infection, you might eventually lose your teeth. Your dentist in Montrose can stop the bleeding and restore your gum health with periodontal therapy.

5 Habits You Shouldn’t Do with Your Teeth

March 7, 2020

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Woman smiling with thumbs up at dentist in Montrose.Your teeth are designed to stay strong and healthy to serve you for a lifetime with the right care. To ensure your smile lasts, you’re proactive about your home oral hygiene routine and you visit your dentist in Montrose twice a year. While you strive to keep your teeth and gums healthy, there are 5 bad habits you need to break right now if you want your smile to last.

How the Care of Your Teeth and Gums Can Impact Your Heart

February 25, 2020

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young woman in grey dress making heart symbol with handsIf you’re looking for some motivation to step-up your dental care, then consider this; it could actually play a huge role in your heart health. Thus, practicing consistent and proper oral hygiene is more than just a way to maintain clean teeth. As you continue reading, a dentist in Montrose goes in-depth to explain the connection between your oral and heart health, so that you can take the appropriate actions to protect yourself, starting today!


Better Snack Choices for Healthy and Strong Teeth!

February 11, 2020

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young attractive fit woman smiling biting into a tomatoLife can be hectic at times. You may miss meals because you’re busy trying to meet a deadline at work, take care of your kids or complete one of the many other tasks on your plate. As a result, you may find yourself snacking just to get by. A dentist in Montrose says you don’t have to settle for consuming items that are detrimental to your oral health, though. As you continue reading, you’ll find some tips for ways to snack in a healthy yet satisfying way!


Which Sedation Dentistry Method is Right for Me?

January 28, 2020

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Woman happily relaxing in dentist’s chair.Taking care of your teeth can do everything from improving your self-image to boosting your overall health! However, you may be missing out on these benefits if visiting the dentist is a difficult task for you. Maybe you struggle with feelings of anxiety or fear, or maybe you have a medical condition or sensitivity. Whatever challenges you face, sedation dentistry can help you overcome your obstacles and get the dental care you deserve. Read on as your sedation dentist in Houston goes through the top three options and shows if they might be right for you.


Start the Year Off Right with a Dental Checkup!

January 2, 2020

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Resolution list saying "go to dentist"Are you ready for the New Year? While you begin to tackle those new goals and become a better you, don’t forget about your oral health. A New Year’s resolution to see your dentist in Montrose is an easy commitment to keep that can dramatically improve your life! A dental checkup is much more than keeping those pearly whites from getting yellow. Find out how it can also help you achieve other New Year’s resolutions like saving money, breaking bad habits, and improving your overall health!


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