Four Upcoming Trends in the Word of Dentistry

February 25, 2021

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Dental technology has evolved enormously over the past several decades in terms of available treatments, materials used, and the computer science involved. Over the next ten years, it will only continue to change and become more enhanced. Here are four primary trends you’re likely to see emerging in the world of dentistry in the coming years:

How is the World of Dentistry Evolving?

Dentists and scientists all over the world are hard at work every day up with new ideas and processes that aim to make your dental care experience even better. Check out some of the new updates on the horizon:

1: Greater Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

When it comes to robots taking over the responsibilities of humans, it’s nothing new nowadays. Maybe dentistry isn’t a field where you expected AI to thrive, but in the coming years, you will begin to see it evolving to play a larger role in reviewing x-rays, determining margins for dental crowns, and more accurately crafting aligners. This will not only save your dentist time, but it will also make sure that your treatment results are completely flawless.

2: More Hygienist Involvement

You can think of your dental hygienist as a “nurse” in relation to the dentist. They are trained and experienced in the early phases of dental care, which involve regular cleanings and examinations. Over the next decade, state supervision laws will likely broaden, allowing hygienists to take more preventive dental treatments off dentists’ plates so that they can focus on restorative and diagnostic care.

3: Updates in Payment Models

It is likely that dental care will become integrated into systematic health care over the next several years. This will allow patients to pay for their treatments in more streamlined ways, such as online transactions, which will also give them the freedom and confidence to know their insurance coverage is working for them.

4: Mobile Dentistry

The past year changed a lot in the medical world. With dental offices having to close their doors, and “social distancing” mandates in place, many practices began providing virtual care to their patients. As it turns out, many found that this practice not only worked, but for basic preventive treatments, it was often preferred. You will also likely begin to see dental offices becoming more mobile. Instead of you having to take off time from your job to receive dental treatment, your dentist can meet you where you are.

The goal of innovation in the dental industry is ultimately to make the experience more convenient for you so that you can experience the highest quality of treatment. The next time you visit your dentist, be sure to ask them about how their practice plans to advance their technology in the coming years.

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