What Questions Should You Ask Before a Smile Makeover?

January 11, 2023

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These days, cosmetic dentistry is more accessible and affordable than ever before. If you’re unhappy with your smile, you don’t have to live with it for the rest of your life. Even if you have multiple dental imperfections, you can achieve your dream look with a smile makeover! It typically requires one or more treatments that will cost money, take time, and potentially even cause discomfort. For that reason, you should really think about your decision to move forward with the process before committing to it. Here are some questions you can ask during your consultation that’ll help you feel ready for this transformation!

Can You Show Me Examples of Previous Smile Makeover Patients?

A good dentist should be more than happy to show examples of previous smile makeover patients, especially if they’re proud of their results. Plus, it’ll allow you to see for yourself how this service can completely transform one’s appearance. You should ask to see an example of patients who have dental imperfections similar to your own. That way, you’ll have a solid idea of what your final results will look like.

How Will You Ensure My Results Last?

If you’re investing in a smile makeover, it only makes sense that you’d want something that will stand the test of time. Although no treatment or procedure will last forever, your dentist should have the skills and work ethic necessary to provide lasting results. Keep in mind that if a dentist cannot explain their plan to maximize tooth restoration longevity, there’s no guarantee the procedure will be effective for very long.

What Issues Can Be Corrected with a Smile Makeover?

Because dental technology has made strides in recent years, cosmetic dentists can fix just about any dental problem with a smile makeover procedure. Whether you have chipped, cracked, broken, or discolored teeth, you can still achieve your desired results. Improvements can easily be made using one or more cosmetic services!

Will My New Smile Look Fake or Overdone?

Many patients worry that their smile makeover will lead to an artificial-looking appearance. However, you must remember that the degree to which your smile looks natural will depend on your dentist’s experience and ability. Make sure you find a dentist with notable experience as they’ll ensure your results look perfectly normal.

How Long Will My Smile Makeover Take?

During your consultation, you should ask about the estimated time required to perform a smile makeover before making a commitment. Usually, it depends on the number of procedures required to achieve your desired results. If you only need one or two treatments, it’s very possible that your smile makeover could be completed in as little as one visit!

About the Practice

At Tamborello Dental Associates, we are passionate about helping patients of all ages achieve their dream smiles. From routine checkups to complex restorative treatments to smile-enhancing cosmetic services, we have everything you need in one convenient location. If you’re unhappy with your pearly whites, our team can turn them into a set you’ll love. To schedule a cosmetic consultation, visit our website or call (713) 522-7540.

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