4 Surprising Cavity-Causing Foods

May 10, 2022

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Growing up, we’re constantly told how sugar is no good for our teeth. Sadly, it’s the primary ingredient in candy and other sweet treats, meaning those tasty snacks can ultimately do more harm than good for our pearly whites. Most people know to consume sweets in moderation and indulge in other options instead. However, other foods and drinks can be just as dangerous for your smile. Read along to learn how these lesser-known items can contribute to the development of cavities.


It may surprise you to learn that a box of raisins has almost as much sugar as a candy bar. While you may think the dried fruit is a healthy alternative to sweets, the cavity-causing oral bacteria still produce harmful acids that wear down the enamel. Since raisins are chewy and sticky, they cling to the surface of the teeth for a long time, resulting in even more damage. Of course, it’s okay to snack on them as long as it’s in moderation! It provides many nutritional benefits, such as aiding digestion, boosting iron levels, and strengthening bones.

Saltine Crackers

That’s right – saltine crackers are on the list of cavity-causing foods! Since they’re composed primarily of carbohydrates and starches, it’s almost as harmful to your enamel as sugars are. Both elements work very similarly, stimulating bacterial growth and encouraging bacteria to eat away at the enamel. Not only that, but saltine crackers can easily stick to every nook and cranny in your mouth. Because it can be hard to remove all the food particles from your teeth, it leaves you at an increased risk of cavities, decay, and other oral health problems.

Alcoholic Beverages

One of the most significant issues with alcoholic beverages is that drinking them can dry out your mouth. If you don’t produce enough saliva, bacteria can grow much faster and lead to more cavities. In a nutshell, the mouth turns into a breeding ground for bacteria when it becomes drier than normal. Fortunately, you can protect your smile by alternating your drinks with water and staying as hydrated as possible.

Cough Syrup

Cough syrup contains an excessive amount of sugar. In fact, there’s so much sugar that diabetics have to be careful with it! If they accidentally take some, it could result in a dangerous spike in blood sugar levels. It’s also worth noting that there is no definite proof that over-the-counter cough medicines are effective at treating coughs. Therefore, you may want to think again the next time you consider taking some!

Don’t worry – you don’t have to say goodbye to these cavity-causing foods. As long as you consume them in moderation, you can enjoy a healthy smile for years to come!

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