Which Sedation Dentistry Method is Right for Me?

January 28, 2020

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Woman happily relaxing in dentist’s chair.Taking care of your teeth can do everything from improving your self-image to boosting your overall health! However, you may be missing out on these benefits if visiting the dentist is a difficult task for you. Maybe you struggle with feelings of anxiety or fear, or maybe you have a medical condition or sensitivity. Whatever challenges you face, sedation dentistry can help you overcome your obstacles and get the dental care you deserve. Read on as your sedation dentist in Houston goes through the top three options and shows if they might be right for you.

Nitrous Oxide

The lightest form of sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. Once you’re seated in the dentist’s chair, a small mask will be placed over your nose. Within moments, you’ll be feeling calm and at ease. Your dentist will adjust the sedation throughout your treatment to keep you comfortable, and the effects will wear off once your dental work is done and the mask is removed.

This method can be used to help patients stay calm through many treatments, including teeth cleanings, dental implant placements, and everything in between. If you need a little extra help to relax in the examination chair but don’t want to be heavily sedated, this is a great option for you.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For this method, your dentist will prescribe a mild sedative in the form of a pill. You’ll be directed to take it either at home before your appointment or once you’ve gotten to the office. This advanced level of relaxation will allow you to comfortably stay awake and responsive throughout your treatment, but you may not remember your visit afterwards.

If you find yourself cancelling or skipping your dental appointments out of nervousness, this method can help you relax before you even leave your house. It’s also a great choice for those with sensitive teeth or gag reflexes as well.

IV Sedation

Using a small needle, a strong sedative is delivered directly into your bloodstream. Your dentist will carefully monitor the administration and adjust it accordingly for your comfort and wellbeing. Even though you will be conscious enough to respond to instructions from your dental care team, you will feel like you slept through your entire appointment.

This method can help patients who have insurmountable dental anxiety, patients who cannot sit comfortably for long periods of time due to a disability or injury, or those who are getting extensive dental work done in one appointment.

If something in your life makes going to the dentist difficult, you can still get the dental care you need. Any one of these methods of sedation dentistry is a safe, comfortable way to get the happy, healthy smile you deserve!

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