How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist in Montrose?

April 19, 2017

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How often should you visit your dentist in Montrose?You’re running out the door, already late for your first meeting when your phone reminds you of your dental appointment today. This day couldn’t get any more hectic; do you really need to go to the dentist too? While you consider canceling your appointment, here are a few facts you should know about why these six-month visits to your dentist in Montrose are so important for your oral health.

Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

With so much information emerging about the oral systemic link, we can tell you there’s never been a more important time for you to take care of your oral health. Did you know that the bacteria that causes gum disease can also contribute to conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and vice versa? Taking care of your oral health, means that you’re also taking good care of your overall health and well being.

What is Gum Disease?

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease occurs when excess plaque buildup causes your gums to separate from your teeth, which allows harmful bacteria below the gum line that causes an infection. If it’s left untreated, the infection will eventually destroy your bone and soft tissue, which eliminates the support system in place for your teeth and leads to tooth loss.

Why Visit the Dentist Twice Per Year?

Preventive care is your best defense against issues such as gum disease and tooth decay, and this is because we screen you for these conditions at your dental check-ups every six months. Believe it or not, Dr. Tamborello or Dr. Bowen can detect issues like gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and oral cancer in their earliest stages, which gives you an opportunity to treat these concerns with less invasive and costly treatment procedures.

Our hygienist will also clean your teeth, which removes the excessive plaque buildup that can cause many of these issues like cavities and gum disease. We also focus on spending time educating patients about proper brushing techniques and their oral health so they can make the most of their dental routine at home.

Contact Tamborello & Bowen

Dr. Tamborello and Dr. Bowen recommend that most patients visit our office every six-months for routine cleanings and check-ups. If you find yourself struggling with gum disease, we may recommend additional cleanings throughout the year to help you effectively manage your condition.

Don’t cancel that appointment, your health is too important to ignore! Instead give us a call today to confirm, or schedule if it’s time for your next preventive visit.

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